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To my Mommy, princeshohae
Happy Happy Birthday, I wish you all the best in everything and I hope you have a blast celebrating your birthday.
Thank you for being an awesome best friend and for coping up with my ramblings, craziness and depressions. I hope that we can see each other soon and go through all the plans that we ought to do but might actually forget once we meet face to face.

I’m always thankful that I have met someone that is like my sister, my long lost twin and my soulmate in kpoppin.You’re such an amazing being, hell of a writer and such a passionate RPer, and I am so proud that you’ve achieved so much as a royal, writer and RPer :) Know that I’m always here for you… when I have internet connection or mobile data and that I always have your back and would cut every bish that is mean to you.

Sorry for my not so purdy gift… and remember to not change for anybody but change for the better you! :)

♥Love You! ♥
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