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01. Love 
Q: What would you do and where would you go if you get to date in summer ? 
Hyuk: If I managed to get a girlfriend, it’s okay if we don’t go anywhere and don’t do anything. I want to just stay in the house, keep the windows open, sit in front of the fans and eat watermelon.

Q: The speed for you to fall in love ? Fast type ? Slow type ?
Donghae: I take 25 years (laughs). When I was a child, I didn’t think of anything and just liked someone but now that I’m getting older I think of a lot of thing and got more cautious. That’s why I think only about ELF Japan wholeheartedly ! 
Hyuk: (burst into laughter)
Donghae: That’s it ! (triumphant look)
Hyuk: For me, 3 seconds ! For us to love a large crowd of fans we need to be this fast right ? When we have concert in Dome, we’ve gone through such hardship because we need to love all the fans~ I’m kidding, but me and Donghae we both have a lot of similarities, and our speed to fall in love is also around the same. I also changed to a more cautious person when I get older.

Q: How do you approach the girl you’re interested in ? Aggressively ?
Hyuk: I fall in love slowly and when I find someone who is good, I’m the type who will express my feeling and fall in love with her even if she sometimes hurt my feeling ! I will call and text her aggressively ! Otokomae desho ? (Handsome right ?) (triumphant face) 
Hae: Me too, when I fell in love I will confess to her “Let’s date !” straightforwardly.
Hyuk: But you take 25 years to fall in love, but if you confess and got rejected you need to wait for another 25 years right ? (laughs)

Q: About “Kimi ga naitara”. What would you do if the girl you like cries ?
Hyuk: I will cry too……No, I will cry harder until she will be the one who need to comfort me. So that she will forgot about her crying. 
Hae: I’ll do a lot of things. Sometimes even when she’s crying beside me I will leave her alone. We sometimes have times that we want to cry alone so I will be concern, just in case. Then, I will scold her “Don’t cry !” (laughs). But of course I will console and give her a hug too ! 

Q: What do you think of RAY ? Do have any fashion you want for girls ? 
Hae: Just now when I was looking at Ray with Eunhyuk, we talked about how some are adorable and cute. I want to have fun looking at girls fashion, and when she’s with me….I saw just now (flipping through the mag). For example, border top with jeans, I like this kind of casual style. 
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@kasper0524: Neck slice!!!!✋😣

Donghae: “I have prepared for you, before the sun sets, I won’t let you leave, play with me.”

@henryl89: i guess my heart was so lonely he popped out today . #henry #헨리
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SM said “Leeteuk expressed his intention of wanting to discharge quietly, and he plans to leave the military without the events and interviews for fans and reporters in front of the troops on the 29th.”

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D-6: 6 days until Leeteuk’s Return \(◕ω◕✿)/

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